Login failed (Mac)

First, stop the empower Sync. To do this, open the Activity Monitor, which you can find in the Utilities folder. Now you get an overview of all active processes. In this list, search for the empower Sync process, select the process and press the red icon at the top left of the window (Quit Process). Confirm the following security question whether the process should really be terminated with "Quit" or "Force Quit".

Then delete the com.madeinoffice.empower.sync entry from the keychain:

  1. If your keychains are not visible in the Keychain Management app on the Mac , choose Window > Keychain Management.
  2. Select a keychain in the "Keychains" list.
  3. Choose "File" > "Delete keychain " com.madeinoffice.empower.sync".
  4. Click on "Delete references".

Restart empower.

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