Mekko Chart

To illustrate a numerical value simultaneously differentiated according to at least two dimensions, Mekko charts are particularly suitable.

A distinction is made between two variants.

The Marimekko chart is to be understood as a two-axis stacked bar chart in which both axes represent 100%.


For instance, revenue can be represented simultaneously per product and region.

The Column Mekko, on the other hand is to be understood as a two-axis stacked bar chart, in which, however, the width of the columns is variable and where the axes represent 100%.


To create such a chart, follow these steps.

Open empower Chart and select one of the two Mekko charts.


You can then customize the data under Edit Data.


The data structure initially corresponds to that of a normal 100% or normal column chart, but with the difference of the additional "width row", which determines the relative width of the individual columns. It is often technically desired that the width is equal to the sum of the column values, so this is already preset.

When using the Transpose button, you have the option to swap rows and columns.


Note that the Width line is immutable.

Alternatively, you can link the chart to an Excel® file under Data and Excel Link.






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