empower charts 8.5

General improvements

  1. The performance of the software has been further improved slightly (smaller delays, e.g. after inserting objects, in the Gantt Chart have been reduced)
  2. If the flexible customizing is enabled (the colors and fonts then adapt to the current PowerPoint master), the color palette is now displayed in an improved way. The functionality for a very dark master has also been further optimized.
  3. If empower slides and empower charts are used as from version 8.5, the ribbon integration has been optimized.



New functions in data charts

  1. With empower charts it is now not only possible to link Excel files to data charts, but also to tables and text boxes. This way whole reports can be linked to Excel files.
  2. The Excel link manager has also been revised e.g. displaying all linked objects including a sketch of their position on the respective slide.
  3. empower charts can now also be used to create Mekko charts (Marimekko and Column Mekko).
  4. Breaks and arrows can now also be inserted on secondary axes.
  5. The order of series can now be set for all charts.
  6. Charts with breaks can now also be adjusted to other charts using the "same scale and size" function.
  7. Long category labels are now wrapped automatically. The vertical alignment of multiline category labels can now be adjusted.
  8. Data labels in area charts are now all inside the chart by default (previously on the edge at start and end and therefore difficult to read).
  9. Break symbols can be inserted on the category axis.
  10. The selection behavior has been optimized. It is now easier to select a larger number of labels (while holding down the Shift key) and move them. Line charts now have default positions for labels both above and below the line.
  11. The function for converting think-cell1 charts has been further extended (e.g. transfer of colors, percentages, hatching, transfer of broken Excel links etc.).
  12. Small improvements and bug fixes.


New functions in Gantt Charts

  1. Tab stops can now be used in the left and right areas within a Gantt Chart (task description and notes) to achieve multiple columns. A new optional header line for the task area has been added for this purpose.
  2. Gantt Charts created with the software think-cell1 can be converted to empower charts Gantt Charts to a large extent.
  3. Small improvements, as well as bug fixes.


Known limitations

  1. Due to new features, charts created or edited with empower charts 8.5 can no longer be edited with older empower charts versions. On the other hand, it is of course possible to edit older charts with empower charts 8.5 (including new functions).
  2. Microsoft's Extended Support for Office 2010 was terminated on October 13, 2020. Office 2010 is still supported for empower charts with restrictions. Currently we are aware of the following problems with Office 2010:
    1. The functionality around date axes does not work under Office 2010 (due to a bug in Office 2010 which is no longer fixed by Microsoft).
    2. Mekko charts are not supported under Office 2010.

1 think-cell ® is a registered trademark of think-cell Software GmbH

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