Installation guide for empower for macOS

  1. Start the installation process by double-clicking the installation file empower_VERSION.pkg
  2. This will open the installer.
  3. Accept the license terms in the next step.
  4. Select the installation location.
  5. Confirm the installation.
  6. Enter your password to install empower©.
  7. If empower was already installed, the following message must be confirmed to allow the installer to access PowerPoint.
  8. If empower cannot find a configuration file from a previous installation, you will be prompted to provide the RemoteServiceConfig.xml.
  9. To be able to register the Add-In in PowerPoint, you must give the application the required rights by entering your password.
  10. The installation is now complete. The initial sync starts directly after the installation.

Silent Install

Since 8.5 it is now possible to install the installer "silent". This means that after installing the PKG installer empower will not start by itself. This also means that you will not be asked for a RemoteServiceConfig.xml or register the addin in Powerpoint. Only the first time empower is started by hand the steps are executed.
The silent install can be done from the command line:
sudo -u $(stat -f%Su /dev/console/usr/bin/defaults write com.madeinoffice.empower SILENT_INSTALL -bool TRUE && sudo installer -pkg PFADZUMEMPOWERPKG -target /Applications

Attention: If empower silent has been installed, empower must be started manually by the user, otherwise PowerPoint will never start empower by itself. As a result, a user may have empower installed, but will never use it.

The problem still exists? 

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