How do I save my corporate design settings in the database?

Execute the two provided scripts for backup from the Test DB (Export) and for transfer to the Prod DB. Below you will also find two triggers that will be used to log this in the future, so that in the event of an error it can be determined whether this is the known limitation in empower 7. 

Attention: Please make a backup before running the scripts in the production environment!

  1. Please open the files in the notepad and set the correct values ("[" and "]" should be removed):
    • Set Server = "[empowerDatabaseServer]"
    • Set Database="[empowerDatabase]"
    • Set TargetFolder="[C:\Backup]"
  2. Save the files and rename them to "*.bat", then execute the commands in the command line.
  3. Repeat this for the import script.

Afterwards you should run a Sync from Scratch to see the changes. Before doing so, check the tables to see if there is content again.

Following are the two triggers, where again the backup recommendation applies:

  1. Run LogCorporateDesignChanges.sql to create the trigger
  2. If the loss is repeated, you can call up the appropriate entries with the other script (GetChanges).

The files Import & Export, as well as the files to execute the triggers can be found in the attachment.

The problem still exists? 

If the problem still exists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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