empower mails 8.4

New Features


  • Centrally provided signature templates and design settings for new and reply e-mails ensure a uniform, corporate design-compliant appearance in all e-mail communication


  • Automatic & dynamic filling with legally binding information, logos and structured data from company, location and user profiles in different language versions drastically reduces the number of signature templates required and offers maximum flexibility by supporting a simple and established script language


  • Automatic generation of a standard signature without user input


  • Automatic updating of signatures with structured data ensures that the information contained is always current and correct
  • Multiple profiles per user simplify substitution rules and enable quick switching between different roles 
  • Permission control at folder level by assigning groups or individual users from a directory service (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Corporate design compliant productivity tools (selection of fonts, font sizes, and colors)
  • Intelligent synchronization and caching ensure lightning-fast access and offline availability, and minimize network traffic
  • Flexible & configurable data model for structured information about companies, locations and users can be extended and automatically synchronized with external data sources (e.g. Active Directory)


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