empower charts 8.4

Note: Version 8.4 is a small release to facilitate the inclusion in a common release cycle with the other empower suite products. Therefore, it does not contain as many new features as other releases.


General improvements

  1. empower charts can now be installed as part of the empower suite installer. If the installation is executed with user rights (per user), it is also possible to utilize an auto-update function. This automatically installs updates to empower suite products in the background.
  2. If empower charts is operated with flexible customizing, which automatically retrieves the colors and font from the current PowerPoint master, then very dark or black PowerPoint masters are now also better supported.


New Features in data charts

  1. Existing diagrams created with Microsoft PowerPoint or with think-cell ®1 can be largely converted using empower charts, either individually, by slides or by presentation. This function is still in a beta phase and results should be checked and optimized (if needed) manually.
  2. In some cases, Excel links were not updated correctly when the linked Excel files were closed. Up to now, this could be corrected by an update on the chart while the linked file is open. This problem has been fixed.
  3. Increased stability. In rare cases, it could occur that a required Excel add-in was deactivated (due to external circumstances) and empower charts could not function properly as a result. The Excel Add-in is now automatically reactivated by empower charts when necessary.
  4. Small improvements, as well as fixes of smaller bugs.


New features in Gantt charts

  1. The size behavior of symbols (Harvey ball, traffic light, checkboxes) in the note columns has been optimized. For example, even if all phases are collapsed, these symbols remain small relative to the font size.
  2. Small improvements as well as fixes of several smaller bugs.

1 think-cell ® is a registered trademark of think-cell Software GmbH.

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