empower charts 8.3

General improvements

  1. In empower charts a flexible customizing can be activated during the customizing process. If this function is active, the user has access to a new flexible customizing that adapts to the current PowerPoint master. When this customizing is used, colors and fonts of newly inserted or existing charts adapt to the current PowerPoint master.
  2. If a customer has several, precisely defined empower charts customizings and also uses empower slides, empower charts recognizes the corresponding PowerPoint master and automatically uses the matching empower charts customizing when inserting new charts.
  3. The insertion logic of charts has been optimized. Charts are now also inserted into the largest free layout placeholder if it is not selected. If a layout placeholder is missing, a cursor for drawing the position and size of the data chart appears when inserting a new chart.
  4. The technical delay during the first selection of a chart has been slightly reduced.
  5. The selection frames have been optimized.


New Features in data charts

  1. A different color per series can be used for negative values.
  2. A data chart can be configured so that colors will be adopted from Excel (also from linked files). The closest CD-compliant color of the current empower charts customizing is used. This also works for any complex conditional formatting in Excel.
  3. If a data chart is linked to an Excel table object via an Excel link, the linked data range and thus the chart visualization automatically grows and shrinks as the linked Excel table grows or shrinks.
  4. An automatic break logic can be used, which calculates the size of a break so that the expressiveness of the chart is optimally balanced. Individual series can also be explicitly excluded.
  5. On the category axis, labels can now be individually (or collectively) formatted, rotated or hidden.
  6. In native PowerPoint charts an icon appears in the upper left corner with which you can convert the chart into an empower chart.
  7. If an empower chart is selected, it can be converted to another chart type via the ribbon menu (here the labeling has been improved) or via a new drop-down menu in the menu item "Series".
  8. Breaks can now also be used in charts in which one or more data series have been hidden.
  9. Rows and columns can now be hidden in the mini Excel window; these then disappear from the chart. Furthermore, if rows/columns are hidden in linked Excel files, they are transferred to PPT in a hidden form. This means that this data is still available when a link is broken.
  10. For line/area charts with many data points, data labeling can be switched on for the first, last, as well as for the maximum and minimum of a series, if required.
  11. Small improvements, as well as fixes of several smaller bugs.


New features in Gantt charts

  1. Small improvements, as well as fixes of several smaller bugs.


Notes / Restrictions

  1. Due to central improvements in data charts (e.g. new X-axis, which can be selectively formatted), data charts created with version 8.3 (or newer) cannot be edited with older empower charts versions.


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