empower docs 8.3 (Win)

empower docs 8.3

New Features


Libraries for document templates and text/content blocks

  • allow easy access to and central management of corporate design-compliant specifications


Freely definable folder structure and authorization control

  • for optimally coordinated, targeted provision to company divisions, departments, user groups or individual users, and for supporting processes/workflows


Intelligent synchronization and caching

  • ensure lightning-fast access and offline availability
  • minimize network traffic


Flexible & configurable data model

  • for structured information about companies, locations
  • data for users can be extended and automatically synchronized with external data sources (e.g. Active Directory)


Automatic & dynamic filling

  • with legally binding information, logos and structured data ofcompany, location and user profiles
  • different language versions
  • drastically reduces the number of required templates
  • offers maximum flexibility by supporting a simple and established script language


Automatic updating

  • of documents with structured data ensures that the information contained is always up-to-date and correct


Library search

  • use the library search to locate documents by filename, author, etc.


Multiple profiles per user

  • simplify substitution rules
  • enable quick switching between different roles


Company-wide default template

  • can be defined and distributed with a single click


Corporate design-compliant productivity tools

  • selection of fonts, font sizes, and colors
  • quick access to Word functions identified in a user study as the most frequently used


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