User settings

The User Settings are accessed via the More Button in the empower® charts menu.


This section allows a user to configure their installation of empower® charts.


If the corporate design administrator has provided more than one Customizing, you can set a Default Customizing from the dropdown menu (1).

In the dropdown menu of Live Update Mode, you can set whether the data displayed by an empower chart should update automatically, not at all, or if you prefer to receive an update notification if the underlying data of the chart has changed (2).

The third dropdown menu allows you to choose if Points or Series should be selected first (3).

The fourth dropdown menu allows you to set the default region format for your Gantt chart (4).

Lastly, you can check the box to either Cache chart data, Optimize memory usage or Enable Co-Authoring support (5). Unless there are problems with these settings, they should all be enabled.

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