Planned features for coming releases

empower docs 8.6 and following

Here is an overview of planned features for the upcoming release. 1-2 months after the end of each quarter, we will publish a new release of empower docs. The list below details features that will be implemented next. Only features that have been completely finalized and approved by Quality Control will be included in the release.


Planned features in next release

  • Full-text search makes it even easier to find templates and documents by their textual content
  • Quick access to library elements in a flexible side pane
  • Even more flexibility in defining the data structures for companies, locations, profiles and legal entities to exactly support your requirements
  • Folder rights can be removed from subfolders to break the inheritance through the folder structure


Additional features we will implement next:

  • Integration of external media/image databases allows access to existing image worlds directly in empower
  • Automated document translation using DeepL
  • Insert slides into Word documents directly from the library to leverage the re-use and value of existing content created in empower slides
  • Designs for documents make it possible to automatically convert documents into different corporate designs
  • Enhanced support for guided document filling by users ("Form Wizard")
  • empower links can be used to directly jump to and access items in the library
  • Insert statistics: each element will receive a counter to display how often users have inserted an item has been inserted, and when it has been used
  • There are many additional features in the pipeline. Details and order of development are still to be determined.




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