Planned features for coming releases

empower charts 8.5 and following

Here is an overview of coming features. In 2020 another release (empower charts 8.5) is planned - approx. in November 2020. The following list details the features which will be implemented next in the order shown. However, only those features that have been fully implemented and approved by our quality assurance department will be included in the next release.

  • Optimization of chart conversion - we optimize the conversion logic to convert charts created with other products, e.g. Gantt charts should also become convertible.
  • Excel links for tables and shapes - Any table and shape can be linked to areas in Excel files. This way, entire reports can be easily automated.
  • A new Excel link manager will simplify the management of many links.
  • Mekko and Marimekko diagrams will be supported.
  • Breaks and arrows on secondary axes will be supported.
  • Break symbols on category axes (mostly the X axis) should be supported.
  • Inverted bar charts (from right to left or top to bottom) should be supported.

Many more functions are planned (details and order are still to be clarified).

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