empower slides 8.0 (Win)

empower slides 8.0

New Feature


Agenda improvements

  • Agenda items can be moved and reorganized after a UI facelift
  • All options are now located in a menu, which allows the user to concentrate more on what is important
  • Additional options were implemented:
    • the "Last Slide" will no longer be moved after changes to the agenda
    • hiding and revealing of subitems of other chapters on agenda slides has received additional configuration options


empower Elements

  • CD administrators can now save empower elements via the standard save workflow
  • They are placed in a folder titled “empower elements” that is only visible to CD administrators
  • The “Feature” tab has been built in.


Customizing Tool:

  • Settings located in the Corporate Design Check tab are now identical to those of empower 7
  • The tabs “Upload and Update” and “Startup and Master” have been merged into a new tab titled “General”



  • The library now contains a folder for items marked as favorites
  • Items in the library can be marked or removed as favorites either via a context menu or a button in the library ribbon
  • Once an item has been set as a favorite, it is identified with a star


Window management

  • The library is only opened once, even if the button is clicked multiple times
  • It is possible to open a library folder in a separate window



  • Icons of buttons the empower ribbon have been adapted to be sharp even when using higher resolution monitors
  • Multiple buttons were added, such as buttons for inserting template elements via the QUAP



  • The QUAP is now deactivated by default. It will open via the buttons in the Insert group of the empower ribbon.
  • The QUAP now includes a new section for user settings. Here, a user can set if the QUAP is to be displayed indefinitely, or only after clicking aforementioned buttons.


First Client Start

  • After initial setup of empower, an “empower is being set up” dialog will appear
  • The Sync will notify that it has finished setting up empower and all Office products need to be restarted
  • After first client start a “Welcome to empower” notification will appear.


Always "online"

  • No more online & offline mode in empower – the user always works on a local cache and connects online when needed.


New rights management

  • New user rights management concept that allows to restrict user rights on subfolders. If a user has only reading rights on subfolders, the user can still see the entire tree structure up to the first level.


Controlled default master

  • The CD admin now has the ability to set a master as company default so that every user company-wide has this master as a default. It is still possible for the user to change this later on.


 empower library

  • Changes have been made to the information that is displayed when the cursor hovers over a library element+
  • Presentations will display more information to be uniform with all other library elements
  • New library views: large thumbnails, normal thumbnails, small thumbnails, detail view to work even more efficiently with the library.
  • Breadcrumb bar navigation in the library.


 New empower admin center

  • IT admins and CD admins have access to all technical empower settings through a browser interface. Moreover, content from users that left the company can be deleted or transferred.Feature description.




  • Scalable and network resource friendly architecture – designed for both local and global corporations so that worldwide locations have a much better performance.
  • Nearly no startup delay of PowerPoint when empower add-in is loaded.
  • Super fast browsing through the library.
  • Fast insert of slides and entire presentations.
  • Asynchronous uploading of content does not block the application anymore.
  • New and more powerful search engine that allows to search in the current folder, including subfolders, in the current library and in all libraries. Moreover, you can decide which content should be searched on a slide (element name, tags, headline, body, notes, footer, author, editor).
  • Fast update checks in the background; eliminating delays when opening large presentations.
  • Info texts were added or supplemented in different places.
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