empower slides 8.1 (Win)

empower 8.1

New Features

Version History

  • If a slide or object has been overwritten in the library, its changes can now be reviewed within its version history
  • Apart from displaying previous versions of this item, it can also be resotred to the selected previous state.


Slide Protection

  • Content on slides can be protected from unauthorized or unintentional changes
  • The protection can be removed with a password


Update Links

  • Update links allow a user or administrator to keep different versions of a slide up to date with comfort and ease
  • Slides that have been inserted in multiple presentations no longer have to be switched manually

Bugs & Improvements


  • The splash screen that opens when starting PowerPoint will no longer appear
  • An issue has been resolved where the search did not work when using the Branding Edition of empower slides
  • Embedding of fonts led to PowerPoint crashes on some machines under certain conditions
  • Log files quickly increased in size when a connection to the server could not be established
  • A back button was missing when performing a search from the Quick Access Pane
  • An asterisk within a search query led to PowerPoint crashes when it was the first character of the search term


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