empower charts 8.2

General improvements 

  1. empower charts loads quicker allowing PowerPoint to start faster.
  2. empower charts now also supports simultaneous editing of presentations (Office365 feature, if the file is stored in the cloud). There is a limitation related to Gantt charts, these should not be edited at the same time.
  3. All scenarios around multiple monitors with different DPI settings are now supported.
  4. Empower charts now has no limitations around the preview mode within Windows Explorer.


New Features in data charts 

  1. The technology around Excel links has been fundamentally redesigned. This greatly speeds up the creation and especially the updating of Excel links.
  2. The technology around directly editing chart data in PowerPoint (Mini-Excel) has been fundamentally redesigned. Certain functions, e.g. the creation of breaks are now much faster.
  3. When editing chart data in PowerPoint (Mini-Excel), the header row of the table can now be switched off. This is also the standard setting for new data charts. As a result, the first row can then also be formatted as a date axis and formulas can be used in the first row.
  4. When linking Excel files, partial areas can now be linked (e.g. certain columns of the source file can be omitted).
  5. Native PowerPoint charts can now be conveniently converted to empower charts. Simply select a native chart and select the desired empower chart from the ribbon.
  6. Data charts can now be set to an absolute number format via the "Data labels" menu.
  7. For column and bar charts, a setting in the “Data labels” menu can now be selected to show negative sums on the other side of the axis.
  8. The selection behavior of data charts has been optimized. Thus, e.g. now also several data points of different series can be marked and formatted at the same time.
  9. Formatting of data labels performed in the manual edit mode or without empower charts is now preserved.
  10. The Properties menu has been revised.
  11. Smaller improvements for isolated issues, as well as resolution of misc. smaller bugs


New features in Gantt charts 

  1. Several tasks and milestones can now be marked and moved together.
  2. Smaller improvements for isolated issues, as well as resolution of misc. smaller bugs


Known issues / limitations 

  1. With data charts created or edited with empower charts 8.2, data changes can no longer be performed without empower charts. This has to do with the technical Excel changes (see above), but at the same time it is a deliberate protection against problems that otherwise arise when editing charts without empower charts (for example, inconsistency of data and data labels).
  2. When Gantt charts are edited in parallel by two users (which should be avoided), PowerPoint may duplicate the Gantt chart. This is because the synchronization of PowerPoint has issues with grouped objects. empower charts will point out any conflict and help users resolve the conflict.
  3. Breaks and arrows are currently not supported for the secondary axis.
  4. Due to an error in the Click-To-Run version (2016, 2019, Office 365) of Microsoft Office, interpolated line diagrams can result in missing values ​​being displayed as 0. Microsoft is informed and wants to fix the problem.
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