Converting think-cell charts to empower charts

 You have to options to create empower charts from think-cell charts:

Option 1:

You create the chart quickly anew; typically this is the quickest method (depending on the complexity of the chart). To do so, insert an empower chart onto a copy of the slide and transfer the data from the mini Excel of the think-cell chart via copy & paste to that of the empower chart. Afterward, insert the arrows and format the chart according to your requirements.


Option 2:

  1. Perform a double click on the think-cell chart (while think-cell add-in is deactivated)

  2. Select “Convert”, to convert to native PowerPoint chart

  3.  Select “Edit data” to open the mini Excel of the chart.



  1. In the mini Excel, select “Edit Data in Microsoft Excel” to the top of its menu bar. This will open the data in a regular Excel window.



  1. Enter the labels for rows and column within the opened Excel window. This information cannot be transferred during conversion, as think-cell stores these details separately.


  1. Format the data as a table


  1. Close the Excel window


  1. You can now convert the native PowerPoint chart to an empower chart. To do so, select the PowerPoint chart, and select the respective chart type in either the empower or Insert tab.



  1. After conversion to an empower chart, you may be required to remove remaining, unused labels left by the think-cell chart (see before (left) and after (right)



Conversion will work the same way for bar and column charts


Technically, think-cell’s line charts will become scatter charts after step 2. Therefore, they will need to be converted to a PowerPoint line chart after step 2. To do so select the chart and click “Change chart type” and “Line”.




The conversion of Gantt and Waterfall charts is performed as explained in Option 1.

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