empower charts 8.1

New Features in data charts

  1. Category-axes can now be turned off if required.
  2. The first click on a data point now selects that data point, a second click then selects the entire series – this behavior was in reverse order before. The user can define the selection order in the user settings.
  3. If an arrow shows percentage values, the user can now define the number of decimal places to be displayed.
  4. Within line charts, arrows can now also be displayed between different series.
  5. Breaks within line charts are now also visualized on the lines (previously breaks were only shown on the axis).
  6. Axis-titles can be added to all charts.
  7. When using a date-axis, the user can select to use the date format from Excel.
  8. When creating an Excel link, the user can directly define if series are within rows or columns.
  9. Missing data within line charts can now be interpolated.
  10. Smaller improvements for isolated issues, as well as resolution of misc. smaller bugs


New features in Gantt charts 

  1. When inserting a Gantt chart the user can directly enter key data (time axis, number of rows etc.) – the Gantt chart is then created accordingly.
  2. Smaller improvements for isolated issues, as well as resolution of misc. smaller bugs


Known issues / limitations

  1. Due to technical issues with the Office 365 "Auto Save" function and with the function for multiple users to work on presentations at the same time via OneDrive/SharePoint, the empower charts functionality will currently only be available without these functions (otherwise an error message appears). We are working on a better solution for the next update.
  2. Breaks and arrows are currently not supported for the secondary axis.
  3. If the preview mode is activated in Explorer and PowerPoint® is launched, empower charts is currently unable to be launched in parallel. Currently, the Explorer preview should not be used for presentations. This issue will be addressed in a future version of empower charts.
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