empower charts 8.0

General improvements 

  1. The delay that occurs when selecting charts until they can be edited has been reduced to some extent.
  2. When reselecting a chart within a PowerPoint session, the delay has been reduced significantly.
  3. The user interface has been redesigned (light gray menus, shortened paths, new design for icons, adaptation to the current Office Theme, etc.).
  4. Compatibility with Office 2019/365 has been ensured.
  5. Furthermore, the stability has been improved, in particular with regard to protection mechanisms at high memory utilization.


New Features in data charts 

  1. The small Excel window for data entry for charts now opens much faster than before.
  2. In addition, a toolbar with useful functions (for example sorting, transposing, etc.) has been added to this Excel window.
  3. It is now also possible to link Excel files stored in OneDrive. Now almost every way to link to OneDrive and SharePoint is supported. The easiest way is to open the Excel file and then link it.
  4. Various improvements around date axes (e.g. for line charts), incl. selectable regions and flexible date formatting.
  5. Data labels that have been moved manually now retain their relative position even after major changes to the data of the chart.
  6. Waterfalls can now also be used with the "same scaling" function. E.g. in combination with other bar charts.
  7. Within mixed charts, grouped bar charts can have the label above the bars and the arrows provide all options (e.g. to create arrows between series or categories).
  8. In round charts (pie and donut), the size of the chart can be adjusted within the chart area, e.g. to allow captions outside of the chart.
  9. Excel link updates can now be canceled.
  10. Smaller improvements for isolated issues, as well as resolution of misc. smaller bugs


New features in Gantt charts 

  1. There are now up to 2 note columns on the right side. In addition to text, interactive symbols (traffic lights, Harvey balls, etc.) can be inserted into these.
  2. The accuracy of the date selection is improved by utilizing a crosshair. Insert operations can now also be called by a left-click.
  3. In the Gantt chart, new tasks can now be drawn directly using drag & drop.
  4. Gantt charts can now also be created for very long periods of time (e.g., 20 years) when granular time blocks (days, weeks) are omitted.
  5. The alignment of labels has been improved (for example, text in phase arrows can be aligned left / right).
  6. A transparent guard object is now placed in front of the Gantt chart to avoid unwanted changes by users without empower charts.
  7. Variety of small improvements around the user guidance (row menu, holiday selection etc.)
  8. Various technical improvements (in terms of stability and speed) as well as various minor bugs fixes


Known issues / limitations

  1. Due to technical issues with the Office 365 "Auto Save" function and with the function of multiple users working on presentations simultaneously via OneDrive/SharePoint, the empower charts functionality will currently only be available without these functions (otherwise an error message appears). We are working on a better solution for the next update.
  2. Breaks and arrows are currently not supported for the secondary axis.
  3. If the preview mode is activated in Explorer and PowerPoint® is launched, empower charts is currently unable to be launched in parallel. Currently, the Explorer preview should not be used for presentations. This issue will be addressed in a future version of empower charts.


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