Visual Composer

Once you have set up and formatted layout and appearance of your new signature template, you can use the Visual Composer to insert the required data placeholders into the template.



If your default profile with default location is not selected automatically, or if the new signature template is intended for use by a different company, you can make the required selection in the bottom of the Customizing Assistant window by clicking Use different profile or Use different location respectively.



After clicking Use different profile, you can search, for any other profiles that are contained in the Active Directory. Finally click on Select. 



Once a selection has been made, the Visual Composer will display actual data. Fields that do not contain data for the selected profile will display an example text.


Similarly, on clicking Use different location, you are able to select the required location from the available list (Figure 44). Fields that do not contain data for the selected location will display an example text. Data fields within the Visual Composer are organized alphabetically, while profile data fields precede location data fields. The corresponding data placeholder is always displayed to the bottom of the placeholder.




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