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The empower mails provides a way to preview your signature template under Preview tab. Change to the preview tab to see how the signature is populated with actual data. You have the possibility to check if all elements are accounted for, if placeholders are positioned correctly, or if slogans are correct. You can see here what the signature would look like if it were inserted into an email. Your profile will be inserted by default – provided you made the required setting via the Signatures Overview.



In Language it is possible to display the signature in a specific language once a selection has been made from the corresponding drop-down menu. You can also change between languages during setup of a new signature template to ensure that all data is correctly displayed and translated, or if corrections are required.



In Choose Profile you can also select an alternative profile. This way you can check if location and profile data change correctly. Here, you can only change or look for an existing profile in database. But the information of the profile cannot be edited or deleted.



If a default location has already been assigned to a profile, it will be selected automatically. When creating a single signature template that is to be used by multiple locations or even companies, it is also advisable to select the location to able to view alternate data in the preview. After clicking on Choose Profile, to the top right you can select a profile that is not contained in your profile list to display in the preview. It is, however, a requirement that this profile is already contained in the database – e.g. by adding it via empower® docs.




The displayed location can be changed by clicking on Choose location. The available locations in the database are listed in the left side of the window. Select the desired location to be added to the template and click on OK.



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