Essentially, a signature template contains placeholders which are replaced by actual data by empower® mails once a user’s signature is created. In order for the placeholders to be recognized successfully by empower® mails and consecutively be replaced correctly with actual data, they need to follow a specific syntax. While the Visual Composer helps the user to insert the right placeholder correctly, it is still helpful to understand their composition.



A placeholder always begins with #$ and ends with $#. The three required segments are Data source, Field name and type, that are divided by underscores (_).


Teilstücke              <Data Source>                     Profile

                               <FieldName>                     FirstName

                               <Type>                              Value

A Data source field consists of information on profile, location, company or Legal Company form. Corresponding to the data, the field name consists of information such as first name or street name. Finally, the type section comprises of value and label pair. A value is the actual data, e.g. street name, or the name of a managing director, while the label is the name of the data field itself, e.g. “street” or “managing director”. For the <DataSource> “Company” and “LegalCompanyForm” the following placeholders are used:


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