Editing an existing signature template

To edit an existing template, select the template and click on the Pen Button. Within the design view you can now enter a display name for the template in the entry field to the right below Name.



If your template contains certain elements such as salutation, slogan or disclaimer in a single language, you have the ability to restrict the template to be only used for approved languages. You can make these selections in Restrict Languages. To do so, set the lever to “On”, after which you will receive an overview over all languages currently contained in the database. Here you can select the languages you wish to approve for this template. If you wish to approve a large number of languages, you can also click the buttons Select all or Deselect all and then remove the options you do not require.



In a similar manner you have the ability to limit a template to one or multiple companies. This is useful if your company has multiple subsidiaries. This way users of other companies do not have access to signature templates that were not intended for them.



The template that appears to the right can be changed in the Word® document by simply clicking on Edit template with Word. The actual signature template will open as a Word® document. You can now make the desired changes in terms of e.g. font, its size and color, as well as slogans or links to social media channels. Once all required changes have been made, you can save and close the document, then complete the procedure by clicking Save and close to the bottom right. The changes you have made are instantly visible in the signature preview. Once you have inspected the implementation of your changes, you can confirm your changes by clicking Save and close.

All changes will then be distributed to all users, and their signature templates automatically updated within the prescribed synchronization interval.



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