Selection of location

Data of the currently selected signature template, profile and location is displayed in the preview. To change the selection, click on Choose location. A new window will pop up with the available locations for the approved company. Here, you can select one of the locations of the company your administrator has already assigned to you. The location data displayed in the signature will dynamically adapt to your selection. Location data is maintained by your corporate design administrator using empower® docs. Once a change has been made to location data, it will be synchronized to your email footer.

Once your email signature has been configured to your requirements, you can confirm your settings by clicking OK. Your email signatures are now completely set up.




The signature you have set as default will be automatically inserted once you write a new mail or send a reply; all additional signatures can be accessed from the native Outlook® signature drop-down menu.



Once all signatures have been set up as required, a user will not have to worry about changes ever again. Signatures are automatically synchronized in regular intervals, as soon as the client detects changes to template, as well as location or profile data. Even the corporate design of your email formatting in terms of font, font size, color is centrally defined and changes are directly sent to all clients.

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