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Essentially, data used in signatures stem from two sources: the location data – e.g., address, registrations, legal entities – and from your profile – e.g., personal data such as name, contact details and department. In order for the signature to display the required data, you can now select your profile. To do so, click on Choose profile.



You will then see a preview of your signature to the right and can check if your personal data is correct.  By default, profile data is read from the active directory of your company and therefore is typically updated regularly.

If your profile data contains incorrect or missing data, it can be amended directly in your profile. To do so, please click on the Pencil Symbol.



A window will open in which you can edit your profile. The blue highlighted Link Button indicates that there is a direct link to the corresponding Active Directory field. If you find that data is not correct here, you can adjust it by simply clicking in the data field to change the data. In doing so, the connection to the respective AD field is cut off, characterized in that the link symbol is no longer highlighted.


Please Note:

The aim should be that the Active Directory of your company always contains current and correct data. Therefore, you should make a note to contact your IT administrator to correct the data within the AD. Afterward reestablish the connection to the AD field to the data field of your profile by clicking the Link Button again. In doing so the entry in the AD field will be inserted, which should now be correct.


You have the ability to provide translations of your profile, if e.g. you need to display your department or job title in another langauge, or if your name contains umlauts. To add a new language version of your profile, click the +‑Button. You can now select the desired language from a list of languages set up during the product implementation phase.



Please Note:

If you require additional languages, please contact your corporate design administrator.


When you select the language during set up of a signature, the translation of your profile will be displayed accordingly – provided your administrator has approved this language to be used for this signature template. If you do not set up a translation for your profile, the standard profile language to the top left will be displayed. If you wish to remove a translation of your profile data, select it and then click on the X-symbol.



If you are a user of empower® docs, and have already set up your profile including its translations, you are not required to do anything further – both empower®docs and mails use one and the same profile.

You can also add multiple profiles to your list, e.g. for substitutions or delegated correspondences. If you have a number of additional profiles in your list you have the option to set one of those profiles to be your default profile by clicking Set profile as default – it will then be selected automatically the next time you set up a signature.



You can remove profiles you have added to your list by clicking the X-button. A preview of the signature with the profile data of a specific person can also be displayed when you enter the name in the search box to the top right.





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