Create New Signature

To add a new signature, click on My Signatures on the to the right of the Outlook® menu. A new window will appear. Now click on the +‑button or Add signature to add a new signature.



You can edit the signature by specifying name, template and language. Enter a name or title so that it can be identified better when it is to be used in an email. All signature templates that have been activated for you and your company are displayed under Template and can be selected via the drop-down menu ( (1).



>> more information on creating signature template can be found in  Signature templates

If your signature template supports multiple languages, it can be selected via the corresponding drop-down menu  (2). Typically, a template will contain certain elements, such as a salutation or disclaimer, that will be displayed in one language only. If this is the case, your administrator may have set up the template to be only available for this particular language.



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