First startup of empower mails

After first startup of Outlook®, with empower® mails installed, you will be greeted by a welcome screen. empower mails will load your default signature template automatically, if it has already been created by your administrator for your company and location. In addition, you can select your own signature template in the further steps. To do so, the signature overview window briefly explains the basic functions on new signature creation. The introductory tips will not appear again once the window is closed. In a final step you can set the template to be your default signature by clicking on to the bottom left. In doing so, this signature will be used in every new email or response.



You can save your previous local signatures for archiving purposes, by clicking on Archive other local signatures. A ZIP folder will be created that contains all signatures set locally in Outlook®. The ZIP folder will be saved in the program data of Outlook®, the file path to the folder will be displayed for future reference.



If your empower® mails administrator has provided multiple signature templates for different purposes or topics – e.g., for different languages or brands – you can use this area to call, set up and manage your signatures.




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