Location Data

In Manage Companies you are able to add further new companies and their location locations. Information is entered using an input screen. To enter the company management menu, please select Customizing and then Manage Companies from the empower docs menu.

Companies are organized by country. Thus, all company locations will be listed in the location overview on the right, regardless whether they have other locations in other counties. In the Company Addresses column you can see all locations in connection to the selected company on the top overview for quick identification and selection.

To add a new company, click on the “+”-symbol at the bottom of the “Companies” column (1) and then either click the “+”-symbol next to the appeared input field or simply press Enter. As no country or location has been assigned to this company yet, it will appear in the list as Not assigned.

To add a new location of an already existing company or one you have newly created, select it from the companies list, and then click the “+”-symbol in the location column (2). An empty input menu will open on the right into which you may enter the information of the new location. You can change the language of the input labels by clicking the dropdown menu (3) and selecting the desired predefined language. Once you have entered the country, this entry will be listed in the countries list on the left. After you have entered all information, click Save. If you wish to delete either a location or a whole company, select it and click in the corresponding “-“-symbol. Afterward, click Save to save your changes.

Some locations have more than two languages (primary and secondary language) available – depending on what company form has been assigned to it. In this case, an administrator is able to set the default language via the company data. To do so, you will need to open the Manage Companies window and select the desired location. At the top of the entry fields of a selected company’s location select a language form the dropdown menu titled Set Default Language.

To confirm the setting, close the window by clicking OK.


Company Logo

An administrator may also add a company’s logo to its location data. This way the same template can be used without the need of different versions containing individual logos.

To upload a company logo, simply select the desired company and click the “+”-symbol in the top-right of the window.

Select the desired image file of the logo from your computer’s hard drive.


Language versions of logos

Some logos differ depending on the language they need to be displayed in, frequently due to a subtitle or other text. In empower docs you are able to save different language versions of a logo to be displayed when a specific language is selected.

In order to do so, please scroll to the bottom of the list of location data of a selected company’s location in the Manage Companies window.

Once you click Choose a Logo a File Explorer will open. Select the appropriate logo in the currently set language from your hard drive. You will now need to scroll to the top of the window to change the language of the displayed data.

Now scroll back to the bottom of the window to add a further language version of a logo. Repeat this step for all available languages for the selected location. Once all logos have been added, save the settings by clicking OK.

Please note: Logos are inserted in their original size to avoid distortion. In some cases this will lead to an undesired placement of the logo. In order to circumvent this phenomenon, a document variable is required to be implemented into the template prior to upload:

ActiveDocument.Variables.Add "Empower docsFixedLogoSize", "true“

To do so you will need to open the VBA window of your document – by either pressing alt + F11 or navigating to the developer tab and clicking Visual Basic. You may need to activate the Developer Tab in the options of Word®.


Once you have opened the VBA window, open the immediate window by pressing CTRL + G. Enter the document variable as stated above.

In a final step, you can close the VBA window by pressing alt + F11; save the template on your computer’s hard drive or a network drive before uploading it to the template library.

Please note: for the implementation of these steps all logos to be inserted into the document are required to have the exact same measurements. If this is not ensured, inserted logos may become distorted.

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