In addition to the Date Range and the Add… button, you can also click on Properties in the Action Bar. Doing so will open a drop-down menu which allows you to change a number of settings of your Gantt chart.


You can change the font size as well as the height of the bars. A click on Maximize font size will automatically select the largest possible font for your Gantt chart. In some cases, it may be necessary to enlarge the bar width of your Gantt chart in order to display larger font sizes.

You can set a Generic Mode in order to display days or weeks in the Gantt chart without connection to a specific date format. You also have the option to display the individual phases, phase arrows or the Note Area individually as well as change to Manual edit mode. The width of the notes area can be adjusted in the region that displays the phase and line labels. To do so, simply move your cursor to the right until it turns into a bilateral arrow. Change the size of the region while holding the left mouse button.

Finally, you can choose whether the background should be colored alternately (Default alternating) or the weekends should be highlighte.


Please note:

All manual changes to a Gantt chart will be lost as soon as you close Manual edit mode. This function should rather be used as a last step in editing a Gantt chart.

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