Adding visualizations


If you wish to display school holidays in your calendar click Add… in the Action Bar and select Holiday. A window will open in which you can select the desired holiday. Clicking OK will add the dates of the holiday to the calendar of your project plan which will then be highlighted in color. In addition, you can add, edit or delete personalized holiday categories and calendars via the menu bar at the bottom left. You have the possibility to export the data as an XML file as well as import data of other users.


Date line

A further feature of the Gantt chart is the Date Line. It can be placed at any location within the project calendar in order to signify that a certain phase, task or milestone needs to be reached or completed by a specific date. In order to add a Date Line, click Add… in the Action Bar and select Date Line.

 A vertical dotted line will be inserted into your calendar, which can be moved to any date.

A text box is located at the bottom of the line, which contains the word “Date”. Click it to change the word to your requirements. Furthermore, the appearance of this text can be changed in terms of font color and size.



In addition to the options of Holidays and Date Line empower charts allows you to add highlights to your calendar, e.g. for a specific time period of a project or vacation.

Below the highlight is a text box which provides the same editing options as that of the Date Line. In addition, you can move or extend the highlight manually to any date. To do so, move your cursor below the highlighted section in order to display the context menu that allows you to do so.



Sometimes a project encounters delays. empower charts allows you to add delays to your project calendar. Click Add… in the Action Bar and select Delay to add a delay to your calendar. An entry field will appear in which you can specify the begin and end of a period, alternatively you can enter these date via the calendar view. Confirm the changes by clicking OK.


The delay in your project plan will be automatically inserted into your Gantt chart. A click on the enlargement arrow allows you to hide or display the hatched area as well as any labelling. Here, you also have the ability to change the color as well as completely remove the enlargement from the Gantt chart.


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