Adjusting the date section

By default, the Gantt chart displays a period with the current date. To adjust the time period, click on the date above the Gantt chart.


An integrated selection window will open in which you can adjust the dates for start and end, either by selecting an item in the calendar or by directly entering a specific date.

In addition, you have the possibility to change Header Settings on the right. Here you can either use the recommended header settings or define the formatting of the header yourself. Here you have the possibility to activate or deactivate the time specification (day, week, month, year) as well as adapt the settings of the labelling of your Gantt chart individually.

You can choose between Numbers and Week days to display days in the header, as well as display just the work week (Mo.-Fri.). The labelling of the months can be displayed completely or in truncated form, in either Letters or Numbers. Setting the labeling option to Automatic will choose long, short or letters depending on the size of your Gantt chart. It is possible to display quarters as Short, Number or Company. The latter option is a setting to display the time specification of quarters as defined by your company. It is also possible to display each time unit as vertical lines in the Gantt chart, which are automatically inserted. To do so, simply select Show vertical lines.

You can further change the minimal font size of the Gantt chart, the language of the header as well as the date format. A click on OK will take you back to your Gantt chart that will then have adapted in accordance to your settings.

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