Inserting Gantt charts

To insert a Gantt chart, click on the Insert Tab in the PowerPoint® menu, navigate to the empower® charts section and click on the Gantt chart button.


You can now define the area in you want to insert the Gantt chart by clicking and drawing the cursor across the slide. This step can be interrupted by clicking Esc.

If you wish to insert a Gantt chart directly into a placeholder on the slide, select the respective content or chart placeholder and click the Gantt chart button.

Once you have set the area in which you wish to insert the Gantt, a settings window will open.


Here you can set the length of time to be displayed by the chart, as well as header settings and date format, if it is to differ from the default settings (1).

In addition, you can also set how many phases and rows are to be displayed in the chart. Further phases and rows can be inserted directly in the chart upon requirement (2).

To change the size of the Gantt chart at a later date, select the chart and the click and draw the endpoints to the desired size. Alternatively, you can alter the size via the native PowerPoint® function. To do so, select the chart and navigate to the Format tab in the PowerPoint® menu then change the chart’s height and width. Once you reduce the size of the Gantt chart you may receive a notification that the font size has been automatically adjusted. If this was not desired, you have the option to simply click on Undo changes.

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