Converting native Office charts to empower charts

There is a possibility to convert a native PowerPoint® chart or a chart created with the software think-cell® to an empower chart. To do so, select the chart you wish to convert, and click on empower chart, the same way you would when inserting an empower chart. Select the desired chart type, and the chart will convert accordingly.

If you have empower slides installed, you can also convert a chart by using the “Apply” function if an empower chart is saved in the chart templates folder of the library. To apply the format of an empower chart to a regular chart, simply select the chart on the slide, and the select the empower chart in the library folder. Now click Apply. In the settings you can also choose if size, position, as well as chart type should also be applied to the chart. The same method can be used to convert existing empower charts to other empower chart types. Please note that only charts that use a similar data structure in their underlying Excel® tables can be converted. A column chart, for example, can be converted to a stacked bar chart. A stacked column chart, however, cannot be converted to a waterfall chart.

Alternatively, you have the possibility to convert a into an empower® chart by clicking on the icon which appears in the upper left corner.


Existing diagrams can also be converted by slides or by presentation. This function is still in a beta phase and results should be checked and optimized (if needed) manually.

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