General structure

All documents uploaded in the library are referred to as templates. They differ slightly in their setup due to their function, features and steps that are implemented in order to prepare them for use in empower docs. This includes a multi-lined table in the footer that contains placeholders for the information that is to be displayed in the footer. How many rows this table contains depends on the required number of company forms. Once a template is downloaded from the library, these items are no longer visible; the rows of the table that are not required will be deleted automatically.

All templates contain a table in their footer. Regardless whether it contains information or not; it still contains tags that tie a template to a selected location even if the template itself does not intended to display any location data. This is important for the proper performance of the translation function: the selected location prescribes what languages are available. For more details, please refer to chapter Template Language.


Template Updates

A template downloaded from the library receives an ID with which empower docs is able to determine its currency once it is reopened – even if the document has been saved locally. If there is a change detected by empower docs, a notification will appear. Two kinds of change alerts are possible:

Location data: if location data in the database has changed, e.g. a new name, address or phone number, empower docs will be able to recognize that this template is no longer up to date.

Click Yes and empower docs will update the data in the footer to the most current entry.

Layout updates: empower docs is also able to identify layout changes, such as the position of the footer, logo, or any other additional layout features of an existing template.

Here you also have the option either to continue with the document you have just opened, or to download a new template.

Please note: update notifications regarding location data may also appear for templates that do not have a footer with data. This is due to the fact that every time a user downloads a template it is assigned to the location this user either has set as default or has selected after downloading the template.


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