In the colors section you are able to define colors for every design. After selecting the desired design, you can set, if you want, the color palette to be limited in empower or not.


You can then define the desired colors to which the user of the selected design will be limited.


You can add additional colors, or delete colors that are no longer required. Using the arrow buttons you are able to alter their order.


Click “Add color” to add a new color, and in a first step provide the RGB values.


After completing this step, you may name the color, and make further changes: you can set its use as filler, line or font color. If you set a color only as a fill color, then it cannot be used as a line or font color. Consequently, it will only be displayed in the color picker of the fill colors.


In addition, you can set if this color is to be used with transparency, as well as if the color is selectable in the color picker by the user. Deactivate a color by clicking on the eye symbol – the color will still be approved by Design Check but user cannot actively select it in empower.


To delete a color, select the appropriate color and click “Remove”. Keep in mind that deleting a color by clicking on “Ok” or “Apply” cannot be reversed.


In order to display the colors in the color picker in an orderly fashion, you have the ability to set headers or empty placeholders between the color fields. To add a header, simply click Add Heading and type a desired specification.


Please note: when setting colors, a header is always added below already existing colors. It can then be moved into position before or after the colors using the arrow keys.

With Add Empty Placeholder you can add an empty placeholder with the dimensions of a color field. Depending on whether you set the placeholder as fill color, font color, or line color the corresponding color picker will display an empty field. It will allow you to distribute the colors in the picker while being able to achieve a specific number of columns.



In Color Layouts you can set the number of columns for each respective color picker – be it for fonts, fillers, or lines. The result is presented in a preview.


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