Update Notification Settings

In "General" you can find the category "Update notification settings", where you are able to manage settings for updated items and their notification form.


The option Show Update Wizard will give you an overview over all elements within the update link as well as their respective versions. It also provides you with the possibility to manage these updates in bulk or individually. 

If Show Notification Bar is activated, changes to the root element will send update notifications to all its connected copies. 

If Change Ribbon Icon Only is activated, the update link icon in the library will receive a red badge. Via the Update button in the library menu or the right click context window, you can then select Update to root version, to manually update the connected item.

Elements in the library will not receive any updates if No Update Information is activated.

All options can be activated or deactivated with the on/off switches. If an option is deactivated it will not be listed in the context menu which will open if you right-click on an element in the library. You may alter the default setting for one or multiple elements located in the library. Please note that this change is only effective for the selected element or elements.

More details can be found in chapter General update settings and Updates.

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