In “Features” you can manage the features available to the user in the empower ribbon. Once a function is activated, it will appear in the empower ribbon.


On the right you see all functions that have previously been activated and have been made available in the empower ribbon. On the left are functions that are inactive. In order to activate a function, select the required function and either click “Activate” if you want to add it to the empower ribbon, or “Deactivate” should you want to remove a function.

In the Help section you will find the subitem External Link. This function creates a customizable button in the empower menu. This button can be linked with any folder, application or website that will open when clicked. The user then has the possibility to access a frequently used folder, application or website without wasting much time searching for it. To establish such a link, you need to add the desired application in the input screen at the bottom right, and accept the change with “Ok”. You also have the option to give this button its own name by entering it in the input screen “External Link Button Caption”.


In “Corporate Design Templates”, you can set which template folders you want displayed in the Quick Access Pane. The following folders are available:

  • Slide Templates
  • Text Elements
  • Icons
  • Chart Templates
  • Table Templates
  • Images
  • SmartArt Templates
  • Presentation Templates
  • Videos


In “Placeholder Settings”, you can set what happens when users utilize the placeholder function, in other words, when a user uses a placeholder defined as one of the functions listed below.

You can choose one of three functions for every one of the six insertion options: “Built In” opens the normal PowerPoint® selection. Select “Deactivated” and a notification appears telling that this application is not available. In “empower” the corresponding folder containing your corporate design templates will open in the Quick Access Pane. This is the default setting for diagrams, images, tables and SmartArts.


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