Customizing of agenda

In the empower® library you can find all your agendas in the file empower elements. You can add new agendas to empower®, edit existing agendas and delete old items.


To adapt an existing agenda, select the desired agenda in the file empower Elements within the empower® library and insert. empower® will then add the agenda template on which your agenda is based into the currently opened presentation.

On this template, you can define all agenda elements which the agenda editor will then use to create individual agendas in your presentations. If you right-click an element on this template, you can see the individual ‘tag’ that is assigned to every element on this slide. 


The first element without highlighting defines all agenda points on the first level that will not be discussed in a presentation; they will however still be contained in the presentation.

The second element with highlighting defines the agenda point on the first level that is currently used in a presentation and is usually highlighted in color.


The sub-element without highlight defines all sub points of an agenda that are currently not selected. Lastly, the sub element with highlighting defines the sub  point that is currently used and is usually highlighted in color.


The third level elements act in accordance to the same logic.

In addition, spaces for numbering, page numbers, and – regarding agenda points on the first level – the space indicating duration and speaker, are defined  individually for every element.


The title of the agenda is also able to be adapted.

All these spaces are text boxes that can be changed to your requirements. For example, font colors can be altered and other fields can receive a different fill color.


The space between the different agenda points on the agenda template defines the space between the agenda points in your individual agendas created with the agenda editor. For example, the space between the First element without highlight and the First element with highlight on the agenda template defines the space between to first level agenda points in your individual agendas created in a presentation. The text box with the tag AGENDA_BREADCRUMB defines the design of the chapter reference.


You can define font, -size and –color as well as the position and size of the text box.

The same way you can adapt the text boxes for the agenda navigation.


The navigation consists of two text boxes: one is highlighted (for the current agenda point) and one is without highlight (for the other agenda points).

You can modify these fields in the same manner as any other of the elements in terms of font, font size, and color, as well as the overall size of the field.

After all adjustments have been completed, you may upload the adapted agenda template. To do so, you need to select the agenda. Clicking on Save as empower Element and then as Agenda, you can now overwrite the existing agenda or upload it as a new one.




 Before the new agenda template is saved, a dialog window will open. Here you can make additional settings to your agenda template.


If you activate Highlights on Overview, the overview slide of the agenda will contain all highlighted agenda items.


Activating Editable Title allows the user to enter an individual title via the agenda editor. If the function is deactivated, the title will be the text in the agenda title of the template.


If Highlights for Sub Items is toggled, the current agenda item will be highlighted even if it is a sub item.


If Highlights for Sub Items on Main Items is activated, the sub items of the highlighted main item will also be highlighted on the agenda slides.


In order to be able to toggle page numbers in the agenda editor, Page Numbers has to be switched on when uploading the agenda layout.


Activation of No Highlights for Main and sub Items will result in neither the current main nor sub item will be highlighted.



If Two Columns is activated, on the agenda template during the upload procedure, a user is able to set up an agenda with two columns, however a further requirement for this function is an agenda template that has been set up accordingly.

In the Format String fields you have the ability to set up the numbering symbol of the agenda items per level.


By default, Arabic symbols are used without a period (e,g, 1, 2, 2.1, 2.2, …). To set a numbering item enter “%1%.” (no quotation marks). Alternatively, you can use the following formats:

  • %a% for lower case letters
  • %A% for upper case letters
  • %i% for lower case Roman numerals
  • %I% for upper case Roman numerals


After all the required changes have been made, klick on OK to save the agenda template in empower. In the agenda editor you can now select your new layout.

If you wish to delete an old agenda, simply click on the Customizing button in the empower menu, select Agenda, and then Delete, after which you select the appropriate layout.


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