Initial setup

This function is not available in the current version of empower® slides.


With the aid of the customizing wizard, you are able to perform initial setup yourself with just a few clicks.


The wizard will systematically take you through the setup process of empower.

Initially, you will be prompted to select a presentation template that contains the master that conforms to your corporate design. From this template empower will source all relevant information concerning fonts, font sizes, font colors, fill colors, and line colors. The master of this presentation template will become the central master template in empower.


After selecting the correct presentation template, that contains the current master in line with your company’s corporate design, all colors, fonts and font sizes of the master will be displayed. If fonts and sizes are not to be limited, switch the slide button “Allow all fonts” and/or “Allow all font sizes” to “On”. In empower Customizing you are able to later select or limit further fonts, colors or sizes. You will find further information in chapter Colors and Fonts and font sizes.


In the next step you are able to change the name displayed in the empower ribbon. Switch “Branding color” to “On” and select the color for the empower design from the master or define a color yourself. The branding color will replace the default color in the empower menus as well as the quick access pane.


The customizing wizard will be executed by clicking on “Next”. This may take a few minutes.

After the customizing wizard has been completed, empower will have to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect. If the changes have not been properly implemented, close PowerPoint again, restart the empower Sync manually by clicking “Sync now”. After the synchronization has been completed, you can reopen PowerPoint. You can find further information in chapter empower Sync.

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