Customization of Smart Objects

This function is not available in the current version of empower® slides.

The design of Smart Objects such as Value Chain, Traffic Light, Harvey Ball, and Stamp can be changed in “empower Customizing”.


To do so, download the desired object, customize it to your specification, and upload it.

Should you, for example, want to alter the design of the Stamp, the first step is download it. You then have the possibility to make the desired changes. To save the changes the object needs to be selected and then be uploaded.

 In the case of the Stamp, empower will inquire before uploading if the sample text inside the stamp is to be removed. Click “yes” if a blind text is to be displayed when downloading the Stamp. Otherwise, the sample text you entered into the Stamp will remain as it is. After successfully uploading the Stamp, you can add the updated Stamp via “Smart Objects”.


With the function, “Edit Predefined Texts” you can set what kind of Stamp text are to be stored in empower. Add a text or delete those that are no longer required.


Value Chain, Traffic Light and Harvey Ball can be adapted using the same steps. When making changes, take care that any groupings of the elements should not be added or deleted. To upload, all elements of the object need to be selected.

Regarding the Traffic Light, it is also important to make sure the correct color option for the Traffic Light is saved.

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