Layout of folder structure Best Practice

As explained in chapter 3 “Slide management”, slide management concerns not only assigning authorization but also the setup of a folder structure that best works for your company, as well as the central curation of content in empower. This method alone guarantees that all advantages of empower are used and employees are able to work with the most up to date content.

Before you set up a folder structure for your company, you should think about how to sensibly structure the content you want to make available to your employees.

In general, we recommend you set up a central slide pool, in which single slides that have been completed and are able to be used can be deposited. These slides can be saved in the company library in different folders allocated by topic. The content of all slides in the slide pool should only be altered centrally. This way you make sure that all slides are always up to date and conform to corporate design. To do so, you should grand administrator rights to these folders to a small team of employees tasked with curation of the slides.

Other folders could contain presentations that have been created with slides from the slide pool. This too ensures that the content of the presentations is always centrally curated and up to date. This works as follows: as soon as a slide from the pool is centrally changed, update notifications will appear once a presentation has been opened. empower informs you as soon as a presentation is not up to date and provides you measures to update it.

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