Send Feedback and Report A Bug

In order to continually improve empower and to cater for wishes and requirements, your experience with empower and your opinion of the product are very important to us. For this reason, every empower user has the possibility to quickly and easily provide feedback to the empower Support, and directly report errors.

To send feedback click on “empower Help” in the section “Help” and select “Send Feedback”. A dialog window will open in which you are able to select how you want to send your feedback (Mail, Outlook®, other applications). Once you have made your choice, an email addressed to empower Support will open in which you can give us your feedback. You also have the possibility to contact us directly any time at


If you want to report a bug in empower, you also use the “empower Help” button and select “Report A Bug”. empower will automatically send an email with log files to empower Support. With these log files, the Support is able to reconstruct and solve the problem. Please explain in the email exactly what issue occurred, and if possible provide all steps that led to the problem.


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