empower bullet function

empower provides advanced functions for the use of bullets in PowerPoint®. The standard function of PowerPoint® is enhanced with further functionality: images can be defined as bullet symbols in the master, and with the help of the empower bullet function, these bullet symbols can also be applied to text elements. When using the empower bullets, please note that only one image can be implemented. You can, however, use this image on multiple levels (e.g. in level 2 and level 3).

empower bullets can be set up following two steps: first, the desired image has to be implemented into the master. Afterward, the bullet function is required to be implemented as well.

If you wish to define bullet points for your master, change to master view, and select the mother layout at the very top (see image below). Here, you can now set up your bullet points. Settings you make will be applied to the placeholders of all other layouts.


Using the standard function of PowerPoint®, you will now have to implement the image bullet. To do so, select the desired level on the placeholder of the mother layout and change from the Slide master tab to Home. Here, change to the “Paragraph” section to open the familiar bullet menu of PowerPoint®. Now select “Bullets and Numbering…”


In the “Bullets and Numbering” window, click on Picture. You will now be prompted to select an image file from a save location (e.g. a folder on your local hard drive). Once this step is completed, click OK.

You will now have to implement the same image using the empower function Set bullet image. This button can be found in the Slide master menu to the right of a button titled Close master view.


Once you click on this button, you will be prompted to select an image file from a storage location. Select the same file as before.

You have now successfully set the image as a bullet symbol. Proceed with a further level or leave master view and save the master in empower.

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