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Using the function “Excel Table”, you can intelligently integrate tables in PowerPoint® presentations.

To link a table, you will firstly need to insert a table from the corporate design templates onto a slide via the quick access pane.


Then click on “Excel Table” and then on “New”.


When you click on “Browse”, you will be able to select the required file on your computer.


After clicking “Open”, the selected Excel® file will open and you can mark the area you want inserted in your PowerPoint® presentation. Afterward, click on „Choose selected range“. If you now click „Yes“ at „Update data automatically on open“ the table on the slide will be automatically updated when the slide or the presentation in the library is opened. Now click „OK“.


If you activate Refresh data automatically on open with “Yes”, the table on the slide will automatically update once the slide or the presentation is downloaded from the empower library. Click on OK. You will receive a notification in which you will be asked if the first line is to be used as a header for the table. If you click on No the first line of your selection in the Excel® table will be regarded as the first value line.


empower will then insert the values of the selected area in the table template on the slide. This table in PowerPoint® is now linked with the Excel® file on your computer and is also conform to corporate design.

If you change values in the Excel® file, you can update the table in PowerPoint® by clicking “Refresh”.


empower will then check the original file and shows the values that have been altered. Via “Open linked Table”, you are also able to display the linked Excel® file in split screen next to your presentation to compare their content.


In “Edit”, you can alter the selected area of the Excel® file, and with “Remove” separate the link between the Excel® file and PowerPoint®. The table on the slide will not be deleted. In “Manage”, you get an overview of all tables linked to your presentation. Here you see the location the original file is saved in, and are able to open it with a click on the path. If you select multiple or all entries, you can update all tables at once, or separate the link. In addition, you can also set which tables are to be refreshed automatically when opened.



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