Set up layout protection

Layout protection allows you to ensure that slide elements are always placed in their prescribed drawing area and do not extend outside of it. This will retain the uniform design of your presentations. Layout protection is set up and activated in the master. To do so, save the master to the library, or if it is already located in the library overwrite it. In the master information set Layout protection to On.


Once layout protection is activated, all placeholders on the master will be automatically defined as layout protection area. If a shape is now inserted onto the slide and part of it is located outside of this area, Design Check will flag this slide element as a corporate design violation.

 Almost every master also contains layouts that only contain few or no placeholders. Elements placed on layouts “Title only” and “Empty” should be distributed freely. Once layout protection is activated, Design Check would flag this as a layout protection violation.

In order not to restrict individual design options you have the ability to define your own layout protection area, in addition to the standard placeholders. To do so, simply insert a shape onto the desired layout which will represent the area you wish to set as a layout protection area in which content is allowed to be placed.


Afterward, right-click the element and select Enable layout protection.


This area of the layout is now set as a layout protection area. The same method can be used to extend the layout protection area on layouts with placeholders. Perform a right-click on the grey shape marking the layout protection area and click on Hide Design Check Shapes to hide the shape in order for it to no longer be visible on the slides once you leave slide master view. If you wish to edit the shape at a later date, simple reverse this step with a right-click and select Show Design Check Shapes.


In order to save all changes, the master will have to be uploaded back to the empower library.

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