Set up Logo Protection

Similar to Layout Protection, Logo Protection allows you to ensure that no element can be place in the area of a logo or even cover it. To set up Logo Protection, open the master and change to slide master view. Now, insert a shape to mark the logo protection area. In order to make the setup of Logo Protection easier, you can set the fill color of the shape to transparent. This way you can place the shape directly over the logo and set its shape to match that of the logo. Afterward, right-click the shape and select Enable Logo Protection Area.


If you aim for an identical setup of Logo Protection on all layouts, you can simply copy this shape and insert it onto all remaining layouts. Once you are done, you can right-click one of the elements and then click on Hide Design Check Shapes to hide the shapes so that they are no longer visible when you leave slide master view. In a final step, you are required to save the master back to the empower library in order to make the changes available.


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