Apply format

In the main library as well as the Quick Access Pane, you will find the corporate design template folders with text elements, diagrams, tables, and symbols. Here you will see the “Insert” button as well as the function “Apply format”. This enables the transfer of the formatting of elements that are conform to CD onto falsely or previously unformatted elements with a single click.

Should a table, for example, not conform to corporate design, you can simply select the appropriate template in the “Tables” folder by accessing it from the Quick Access Pane. Select the table on the slide, and click “Apply format”. empower will apply the format of the template onto the table within the presentation. Apart from the “Apply format” button you may also activate two further options by clicking on the cog symbol: 

  • If “Apply position” is activated, not only the format but also the position of the template will be applied to the selected table.
  • Apply size” will adapt the size of the table to that of the template

When working with diagrams you have, in addition to the functions “Apply position” and “Apply size” the option “Convert chart type”. This enables you to change the type of your diagram by selecting the appropriate template and clicking “Apply format”.

Using text elements, you may integrate any text in a text box into the respective text element of the template library. To do so select the desired template and click “Apply format”. Afterward you are able to change this element into any text element.

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