Change Format

After you have applied the new master to your old presentation using Apply master you may have some text elements on your slides or texts that are not contained in placeholders. The result of the application of a new design is dependent on how consistently you have been working with placeholders in your old presentation.

Using Change Format you can insert texts in placeholders on the current slide or in text elements from the template folder with a single click. To do so, click on the element with the text you wish to transfer (placeholder, text element, shape). To the top left of the element the Change Format overlay will appear.


Once you click on it, a list will open that will display all placeholders on the current slide (excl. placeholders for the footer), and below the divider line all text elements of the corresponding corporate design template folder.


Select one of the Placeholders, and the text will be automatically inserted into the corresponding placeholder on the slide. If there is already text inserted into this placeholder, the additional text will be inserted below the existing text.

You can also select a text element from the list. The element will then be automatically selected from the library and inserted onto the slide, including the text to be allocated.

If this text was originally inserted into a text element (i.e. text field), the element will be deleted after transfer. If text inside a text element is transferred, it will remain on the slide.

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