Update Wizard

With the aid of the Update Wizard, you gain an overview over all elements within the update link as well as their respective versions. It also provides you with the possibility to manage these updates in bulk or individually. This gives you the possibility to ensure that all your changes to a root item are distributed to all slides that are connected to it.

Depending on your update notification settings, the update center will open automatically to present you with the different versions of the updated item, and different option of how to deal with the update. 


The update wizard also shows the different versions of the element including corresponding dates and timestamps, with the outdated version to the left, and the updated version to the right. Every update can be performed individually or in bulk.

When you click on the magnifying glass to the top left in the preview of the library item, you can compare the updated and outdated version with larger preview images.


If you are unsure where the differences are, you can also toggle Show differences between versions. The changes in the updated version will then be highlighted in yellow.


To update all items in the current presentation, simply click Select All under Available Updates, and then click Apply. All connected items will be set to the state of the root item. 


This action will also update the copy of the root item within the library.

Alternatively, you can also choose not to accept the update and continue working with the previous version of the item. To do so, check the option Keep this version and disconnect in database. The update link will be disconnected, in the library, and you will no longer receive update notifications when changes have been made to the root item.

If required, you may re-establish the update link manually at a later date by right clicking the root item, selecting Memorize for update link and then selecting the disconnected item and clicking Create update link to this root or update group.





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