Administering updates in library

If you already know how to proceed with an update, you can do so directly from within the library.


Right-click an element with an update notification to open the context meu. In “Update” you can now click on Accept Update to directly apply the update to the element without having to use either the Update Center or Update Wizard. A click on Force this version to all linked elements allows you to automatically apply the version of the currently selected element to all linked elements within its update union, e.g. all changes to a slide are automatically sent to all its connected copies in empower. With Go to origin you can open the original element of the update union in the library.

In addition you can set up update unions directly in the library or add an element to an existing update union. To do so, click on the element and select Mark for linking in its context menu. Afterward select a second element with which the update union is to be created and click on Create update union with ([selected element]) if this element does not belong to an existing update union, or on Integrate ([selected element]) into this update union if the element is to be added to an existing update union. After this step a popup window will open in which you can now set the update mode of this update union.

If empower’s default setting for receiving updates is “Show updates form origin only”, a popup window will open in which you can set the update mode for this particular update. This step is required as creating an update list directly in the library does not define a definite parent or child element.


Select Do not show updates and the contained elements will not receive update notifications from the update union, but they will nonetheless send update notifications to other elements if changes were made to them. If you select Show all updates all elements will receive an update notification, no matter what element in the update union has been changed.

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