Update Center

With the aid of the update center, you gain an overview over all elements within the update union as well as their respective versions. This gives you the possibility to ensure that all your changes to a central slide are distributed to all slides that are connected to it.


Perform a right-click on the link symbol next to the slide. Update center will open as soon as you select update center. It contains the update history of the selected element.

The update center also shows the different versions of the element including corresponding dates and timestamps. Each version can of course be placed in different locations in the library. If you hover over an item with the mouse, its complete path will be displayed. In doing so, you are able to track which version of the slide is used where.

In addition, each individual update setting can be configured for every item. Simply select the desired updating behavior in “Update settings”. These settings correspond to those elaborated on in chapter General update settings.

Furthermore, you are able to select one or more versions and update them by clicking the “Update” button to the bottom left. Clicking “Remove from update union” will remove the selected elements from this connection.

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